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Don't leave Fido unattendedThe American Kennel Club made news this week with its report of increased rates of dog theft. If you leave Sam the Retriever tied to a tree while you run in for a latte, there is now a 32% greater chance that he’ll be missing when you return. Dogs have also been reportedly nabbed from yards, cars, and houses.

The AKC reports that dogs are stolen for a variety of reasons including resale and an aversion to paying an adoption fee. As most dog owners can tell you, whatever price you pay for your new best friend is just the downpayment. The ASPCA estimates the cost of down ownership from $580 to $875 a year with large dogs requiring more food and medical care. If you can’t pay the adoption fee, do yourself a favor and adopt a Chia Pet instead.

See the AKC link below for how to protect your pet.