up arrow The Human-Dog Singularity Is At Hand


The Homo-canine singularity continues unabated.

For centuries humans have practiced yoga in order to achieve a state of perfect spiritual tranquility. Now they are adding dogs to this discipline so they may achieve that state with their pet. The result is “doga” – yoga with your dog.

According to Reuters, Suzi Teitelman is a Florida-based doga expert. Her dog would lie on the mat beneath her as she practiced the ancient art. Rather than push the pooch away, she incorporated it into her yoga. Classes, DVDs and a training manual soon followed.

Kari Harendorf is a New York-based doga instructor. Like Teitelman she came to doga in a similar fashion – her dog liked to lay on the mat as she mediatated. Soon he was part of her routine. She uses him in traditional poses such as warriors, triangles and backbends. The position is enhanced by balancing the dog on her belly or waist.

The downward dog is not just for humans.

According to the New York Times, doga classes are increasing in size and popularity.┬áKristyn Caliendo is a Chicago-based instructor. Since she started teaching doga last year, her classes have doubled in size. ┬áDoga combines massaging and gentle stretching that leaves your dog in a blissful state …. at least until the first motorcycle races by.