up arrow Mothers Against Dog Driving?


There have been several major crackdowns against risky behind the wheel behavior: drunk driving, drugged driving, texting while driving. Is dog driving next?

You know what we’re talking about – the pet owner who can’t say “no” even when lives are at stake. She lets Claude the miniature poodle ride in her lap as she steers the wheel. Does anybody see a problem with this?

According to the American Automobile Association, six in ten drivers traveled with their dog at least once a month. During that time, drivers admitted to petting their dog 52% of the time, holding it while braking 23% of the time and preventing it from getting into the front seat 19% of the time.

An AAA spokesperson told the Daily Herald than an unrestrained dog becomes a powerful projectile in a collision. Beth Mosher urged dog owners to restrain their pets when they drive. A ten pound dog can exert 300 pounds of force in a 30 mph crash.

The Federal government has waged a high-profile campaign against distracted driving and this AAA survey provides ammunition for a crackdown. It’s only a matter of time until unrestrained dogs become the new drunk. Click-it or ticket will soon apply to Fido as well.