up arrow He’s Got Ears


The Guiness Book of World Records recently verified that Harbor Wert had the biggest ears on any dog any where in the world. As this news spread through the media and the blogsphere it left a trail of cliches in its wake.

The Denver Post said he was  “all ears for owner Jennifer Wert.” And so did People Magazine.

The NY Daily News went with “Hear ye, hear ye!” in its byline.

The International Business Times said he looks more like Dumbo than a dog.

At Pet Side, they wondered if he could even grin from ear-to-ear.

And the BBC claimed he had no excuse for not listening.

We get it. Harbor has big ears. His left ear is twelve and a quarter inches and his right is thirteen and a half. So yeah, they’re big. But spare us the cliches. Harbor might have the biggest ears of any living dog but he falls short of the all-time record. That belongs to Tigger, a blood hound who’s ears weighed in at thirteen and a half and thirteen and three quarters inches long.