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At Where’s Pom, we recently decided to seek the help of a certified dog trainer. While we have several things to work toward, her first suggestion was to teach Pom to do things and to work for things in the house. To be honest, I was embarrassed when she asked us what he could “do,” and I replied (happily) with, “He sits. He can sit!” I’ve had this dog in my life for three years now, and all he can do is sit. I’m a pathetic owner!

However, now we’re on a new track, and he’s learning fast. The results have been remarkable. So far, we’ve taught him how to “touch” and lay down. We’re working on “stay” and are up to 30 seconds. He also happily sits in the doorway while I make the bed rather than get tangled in the sheets like it’s a game. Once the last blanket is on the bed, he’s rewarded with a treat for his patience.

He learns so quickly, and he seems to really enjoy our training sessions. I decided to work on it every day for short periods of time using pieces of raw carrots as treats. Bulldogs are prone to weight gain, so it’s best to pick a low calorie treat. The training has had other side benefits. He is slowly becoming more patient, and he gives me more space and respect when I’m eating, working, or cooking. After all, I’m the giver of treats and affection that he now eagerly works for.

We still have many more milestones to reach. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

See our training video here: Pom the Bulldog learns a few things

Trainer information:

Anne Funston, Good Dog Unlimited. In Lancaster, PA – 871-1159