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heli-pomA Facebook friend bought a toy helicopter and posted pictures of it flying through his house. My first thought was this: That’s quite an engineering marvel. Too bad we don’t apply that type of technical savviness to the conquest of humanity’s most pressing needs. My second thought was this: That will really mess with the Pom’s head. I bought a helicopter.

The Syma mini RC Helicopter takes about 40 minutes to charge. A single charge provides 15-18 minutes of messing with the dog’s head. It’s like a big mosquito buzzing around the house. Imagine that you’re a dog and there’s a big mosquito buzzing through the house…

When Pommie first encountered the helicopter, he didn’t know what to think. He kept his distance as well as a vigilante watch. If the helicopter drew near, the Pom backed away, his eyes fixated on the flying machine. A steady stream of barking let the neighbors know something was up.

In time, Pommie grew more daring. That stinkin’ flying contraption was becoming ever more annoying. He started to cop an attitude. After a couple days, the Pom had had enough. He was determined to take it out. When the copter grew near, he seized the moment and attacked. The copter won. It’s plastic blades clipped him in the snout.

Do you remember in Monty Python and the Holy Grail when the knights retreated? “Run away! Run away!” That was the Pom when he was clipped by a plastic rotor. I’ve been clipped myself. It’s far more startling than painful. In fact, it doesn’t hurt at all. The rotors are hinged to minimize their impact and protect them from breaking.

In the wake of his failed assault, the Pom and the copter have reached a mutual understanding. If the copter flies on the first floor, he leaves it alone. If it flies on the second floor, he’s gonna bark at it. He won’t attack it, but it’s gonna get a good barking. And maybe a fake attack just to see if it will flinch.

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