up arrow Reading…now with dogs!


The Washington Post recently reported on a trend developing in libraries in Virginia – reading to dogs.

Reading with dogs
The Alexandria, VA library offers Paws to Read, during which PAL, a D.C.-based nonprofit group, brings in dogs so children can read aloud, one on one.

As the post reported, “A growing number of libraries and some schools in the region are inviting volunteers to bring their dogs in to help children learn, hoping the pets will calm children who are struggling, excite those who are bored and help kids equate reading with fun.”

The program is the creation of Cynthia Power, a teacher at Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington County and a volunteer with People Animals Love, or PAL, a D.C. nonprofit group that brings well-mannered, friendly dogs to nursing homes and other places.

“Children never get a chance to read without someone telling them they mispronounced a word or skipped part of the story,” Power said. “We don’t give children that chance to just enjoy reading.”

Children interviewed by the Post include those with disabilities, those who are just learning English, the shy, and the dog-crazy (who isn’t?).

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