up arrow New cushions for an old couch


New cushions give life to an old couchMy husband and I bought a blue leather couch in 2002, and the leather cushions recently ripped. After quickly shopping for a new one, we decided to repair this one and save a pile of money while keeping a piece of furniture we both enjoy. Enter Stump’s Upholstery. The variety of fabrics available was pretty overwhelming. I went two times before selecting a fabric. You can take books home with you to make your decision easier. Unfortunately, we couldn’t match this custom color. Instead, the team suggested making it very different and buying pillows to match the new cushions with the old couch. Once I was on the schedule, the job only took about a week to complete. The replacement cushions are a perfect fit, and are reversible. If the one side wears, I can always flip them over for more life. The entire job cost about $400. We were able to re-use the stuffing and save some money. Actual cost would, of course, depend on the fabric choice and size of your job. Highly recommended.