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This rug from Ollie’s Bargain Outlet cost $69. They have piles of rugs of nice quality for low prices.

When we bought our home in 2005, it needed quite a bit of work, so certain projects just fell off the radar immediately. One of those items was hardwood floor repair. Built in 1928, our home is on the newer side for the city of Lancaster having been built in one of the former suburbs on the north west side of the city. The floor is 1.5 in oak throughout. That’s right, every single floor is oak hardwood. Imagine finding that in a new home. You wouldn’t. Most of it is in passable shape for a house this old, but the dining room had numerous water spots and stains. My solution upon moving in was just to cover it with a rug. I found one for less than $100 at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

This rug lasted years until we acquired Baby Cow. Baby Cow arrived to us having lived her entire life outside. Potty training an adult dog is quite a process, and Baby Cow never stopped peeing on the Ollie’s rug. So despite looking just fine, the rug could never be thoroughly cleaned, and I hauled it in my Volvo to the transfer station a few months ago.

I just returned to Ollie’s hoping they had more rugs, and, indeed, they do. I chose one that is the thickness of regular carpet this time, but it’s no less lovely. I thought a thinner rug might be easier to thoroughly clean if Baby Cow has an urge to pee on this one too. As you can see, the dogs like it quite a lot.