up arrow 17603 is where it’s at


Lancaster’s 17603 zip code, which happens to be the zip code of this blog’s owners, has been identified as one of the nation’s hottest hipster communities. That’s right. Lancaster County, home of the Amish, is also pretty damn cool.

LNP reports, “The ZIP code 17603 is the 36th strongest such community in the U.S., according to Realtor.com and Yelp, which announced their findings on Thursday. Realtor.com, a website that lists homes for sale, examined the median number of days that homes for sale were on the market in each ZIP code. Yelp, a website that provides reviews of businesses by their customers, tallied the frequency of “hipster” mentions in reviews of businesses in each ZIP code.”

Sure, this doesn’t seem very scientific, but since we’re the recipients of such praise, we’ll take it. The city of Lancaster has been getting better and better, which is why the owners of this blog took great care to move here to the West side when we were looking for a home in 2005, and it’s why we run this blog. While prices fell in 2008, they’ve been climbing ever since, and it’s easy to see why. The city of Lancaster is charming. There are great homes in each section of the city. It’s under good leadership with many organizations like the Lancaster Community Foundation and Lancaster Alliance looking to make improvements as their mission. Work remains, and we’d like to see some more attention on some struggling quadrants, but we feel confident that the work continues.