up arrow Vintage Frames Reborn in Elizabethtown

I bought these vintage glasses at Antique World Mall in Boise, Idaho. Both were repaired and the lenses were replaced by Bouquet Mulligan DeMaio Eye Professionals in Elizabethtown, PA.

I was recently visiting relatives in another state when I found an amazing pair of vintage glasses at a vintage store. I left the store the first time without them being unsure if the lenses could be replaced. After consulting Google, I went back and felt it was worth the $49 to buy them and give it a try. I stopped by Bouquet Mulligan DeMaio Eye Professionals, P.C in Elizabethtown for a consultation. For a company that sells new glasses, they were really enthusiastic about this old pair. They have a number of technicians on staff that collect glasses or have an interest in vintage glasses. They were able to tell me all about the pair including the company and the year of manufacture, 1974. They were made in Fairfield, NJ. The pair I bought was in excellent condition. Apparently, the black plastic can become white with time, so my pair was not worn very much and stored away from sunlight.

When I returned for the finished pair, they had buffed the plastic, so they literally looked like new. The technician also noticed a mis-sized screw in the temple and fixed that as well. The cost to replace the lenses was well below the cost of a new pair, and they did a fantastic job.

Apparently, you can replace lens in plastic frames, but there is a chance the plastic could break. This shop was willing to give it a try, and the results were fabulous.

The vintage store I bought the first pair in also had a pair of square “Buddy Holly” style glasses, so I sent my dad to pick them up for me and send them. When they arrived, Bouquet Mulligan DeMaio repaired them as well. This pair was rough looking and less expensive, but when I picked them up, they, too, had been buffed to perfection. Ever wonder why everyone looks like they are wearing the same glasses in old photos? They were. I worked with store owner James Mulligan on this pair, and he explained that labs used to buy the glasses in pieces with different sized bridges and arms and then assemble them in house.

There are plenty of vintage stores in Lancaster on North Queen Street and in Adamstown. If you find a pair that fits, head to Bouquet Mulligan DeMaio for a fix. They also have a line of reproduction eyewear that uses original vintage molds.

Happy shopping.

Bouquet Mulligan DeMaio also sells a line or reproduction vintage glasses that use original molds.