up arrow We hope DipCo comes back better than ever


We’d like to take a moment to mourn the loss of The Lancaster Dispensing Company, which experienced a devastating fire on September 28. The fire caused $400,000 damage to the kitchen and bar. This little pub was located right next to Central Market on North Market Street. DipCo, as it was known, was a regular haunt of the team here at Where’s Pom. The beer selection was excellent. The food was very reasonably priced, and it was well run by a team of kick-ass women.

The Lancaster Dispensing Company
A lovely mug of stout on the bar at The Lancaster Dispensing Company. The Where’s Pom team regrets that we have no shots of the lovely interior to share.

If you like old buildings, then DipCo was another treat. It had a huge wooden bar with snow carrera marble top, a tin ceiling, and old wooden windows and wainscoting. The wood was painted, so I could never get a read on what type of wood it was.

It was a small place, which regularly had musical guests on the weekends. Due to its size, we never went here until Pennsylvania banned smoking as it filled with smoke from even one cigarette.

A benefit was recently organized to help the owners rebuild, but the Where’s Pom team knows from experience that fire rebuilding takes a long time. We hope they come back better than ever.