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Dog portraits
Photo by Mark Peckmezian

At Where’s Pom, we’re huge fans of dog portraits, and we love the work of Mark Peckmezian.

Mark explained his work in dogs to Flavorwire.com, “In retrospect I see my motivation more clearly,” he continues. “I took these photos simply out of joy of photography — they’re not about dogs, really, they’re about aesthetic concepts, and I take them the way a painter might do sketches or doodles. I also see them as a reaction to art school: I had just graduated last spring and was sick to my stomach with all the vacuous talk and misguided ideology of art school. I think I was so drawn to the dog photos because they were so earnest, from the heart, not complicated with pretty words, just straight, unselfconscious expression — what attracted me to art in the first place.”

Mark is generous enough to share his unexpected portraits on his flickr page. Need something to smile about today, head over and check it out. While there are no bulldog photos, we think you’ll find something that will make you laugh in his quirky portfolio. We did.

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